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Behind Sona’s knitwear is the creativity of Milan based designer of Armenian origins, Sona Arabiàn. Studied Fine Arts in Yerevan, Armenia, she received her master's degree from High Academy of Design (IADE) in Madrid. After working for various fashion houses in Spain, she moved to Italy. Always passionate about knitwear, in Italy she found an opportunity to be introduced to the wonderful world of Italian craftsmanship and discover the secrets of the know-how of Italian cashmere and high-end knitwear. Since 2004, Sona Arabian produces her own collections of knitwear in Milan and collaborates as a free lance knitwear designer for other brands.


The philosophy of Sona’s work, her mission and vivid creativity are influenced by her multicultural background. As a designer sensitive to experimentation, Sona Arabian in her minimalist line of clothing looks for simplicity that expresses the essence of the forms. Uniting fashion with art, architecture and design, the stylist contemplates fashion as an almost scientific discipline. In her vision, designing clothing is an architecture applied to the body.


Sona’s knitwear pursues originality without sacrificing quality, looking for the perfect combination of innovative design and highest craftsmanship. The cloths are entirely made in Italy using highest quality Italian thread and careful monitoring of the entire production process. Focusing on small collections and targeting a niche clientele, Sona’s garments are classified as luxury artisan, and are either custom made, or produced in very limited quantity.


Giving special attention to 100% natural materials, Sona chooses the finest Italian cashmere. With the innovative nature of her design, she offers a new vision of this traditional material. Sublime cashmere, unconventional and meticulous design of Sona’s garments redefine elegance and sophistication raising the bar for Made in Italy .

Transformer Concept


Innovative design and the research of shapes and measurments enabling the transformation
Concept of 2 in 1 (radically different looks within one unit)
The clothing items are versatile with hidden surprises.
One simple movement creates different looks for every occasion or every moment of the day
The high quality and the unique design contribute to the longevity

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